Zombies VS Muscle Cars


ZOMBIES VS MUSCLE CARS is a free driving and upgrading game in which you drive your vehicles through a zombie apocalypse, destroying them along the way. You'll gain additional cars as you progress through the game, and you'll be able to upgrade them into the ultimate zombie-slaying machines! Features of the game: - Brand new STORY MODE that takes you across the country on the day of the zombie apocalypse. - Various awesome vehicles, such as racing cars, trucks, and even school buses! - MANY UPGRADE OPTIONS! Unlocking just one car isn't enough, customize each car with a bunch of upgrades. - A swam of ZOMBIES... Remember to introduce them to your car's bumper. - Amazing ragdoll physics that lets you smash into zombies and make them fly!


*Arrows*= drive *space*= handbrake *ESC*= pause *C*= camera


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