The Runaway Cats


The Runaway Cats is a challenging Puzzle game where the goal is to catch the cat. Cats are intelligent creatures who know their way out, so you need to think hard about which trap to set. Narrowing down the path and leaving the cat without the exit is a win in this puzzle. Each time you choose a tile, the cat moves to the next one unless she is in a trap. The Cat will try to get out of the maze with every chance she gets, so you have to prevent that by blocking the exit with obstacles. How do you catch the cat? 😻 Use your BRAIN SKILLS to predict which path is the best place to CATCH the cat. 🐾 Get help from the MIGHTY BOOSTERS who are in the role of obstacles. Cats are sneaky, but they can’t resist our obstacles, who are adapted to the cats' weaknesses. 😻 Watch out! Our CATS have different INTELLECT and characters, so you can't easily predict how to catch the cat. Game features: 🐾 Enter the various maze with stunning details in graphics and sound during the whole gameplay. 😺 Enjoy our cats for their looks, characters, intellect, and animations. 😻 Play the game offline and let it always be with you as your new favorite BRAIN PUZZLE! 🐾 Solve every challenging level and collect rewards for catching the cat. 😻 Embrace the power of boosters because obstacles are the key to victory. Play THE RUNAWAY CATS GAME if you are a cat and a puzzle lover. Brain training is guaranteed!



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